Happy 2019

Hello all! Apologies for the recent silence. First came NaNoWriMo, then came major life changes that weren’t entirely expected. But now, 10 days into the new year, it’s time to get back to schedule.

Here’s a peak at my writing and game development related goals for 2019:

  • Indie Publish 3 Novels
    • The Woods at the End of the World (tentative title): A YA supernatural horror novel about a girl who might be one of the last people left on Earth.
    • Paragon (tentative title): An epic-length dark fantasy about a wayward scientist and his soldier companion who find themselves drawn into a cult that wants to recreate their troubled world.
    • (We Are All Made of) Glass: A horror-ish, YA-ish novel about a boy who finds himself trapped in a strange castle that doesn’t seem to want him to leave.
      • This one’s an adaption of the currently unfinished game called Glass.
  • Indie Publish at Least 1 Novelette/Novella
    • To Dust: A paranormal, post-apocalyptic story about a scavenger and her best friend who find more than scrap when they search an ancient house called the Origin.
      • If you came here from my email list, this is the Wish List story and it’s still on its way. A longer length than anticipated and the aforementioned life shakeups caused a delay. Updates will be coming to your inbox soon.
    • I may also aim for a couple more short story adaptions, schedule and inspiration permitting.
  • More Indie Publishing
    • All of Our Endings (Short Story Collection): On that note, I’m planning to put together a collection of my favorite short stories and flash fiction once further editing is done and publishing rights revert. These stories will highlight one theme that I’ve noticed showing up in a lot of my work – crossing thresholds. Worlds ending while others begin.
    • Introvert’s Anthem (Poetry Chapbook): I’m also working on my first collection of poetry, with themes centering authenticity, solitude, and purpose.
  • Game Development
    • Finally finish and publish the sequel to Happy Birthday.
    • Finish and publish a short horror game called Amaranthine.
    • Finish and publish an interactive fiction game called Remote.

I’ve been optimistic in laying out my goals. I don’t know that I’ll accomplish all of them, but I’m aiming to challenge myself this year as a writer and designer. I’ve had many projects in progress over the last couple of years – 2019 will be the one where I send them out into the world.

If you’d like to follow along, my email list will chronicle the journey.

I hope the year has treated you all well so far. What are some of your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments so I can cheer you on!

Semester Finals & Screenshots

(Friday Updates: I’ll post updates from my projects every other Friday).

Well, another semester is over as of yesterday. It was an interesting few months at DigiPen – I worked on a tabletop RPG in an independent study class with a professor, worked with fellow students on another game project, worked with a second team on a physical escape room, and had my first experience with music theory.

The tabletop RPG is called InBetwixt, and will incorporate combat focused maps with a deeply branching narrative set in a purgatory world. I’ll share more information about it once it’s a bit more polished.


A (slightly outdated) screenshot from Negativity.

My team game project is called Negativity, which is a puzzle platformer based around the concept of two characters existing in each other’s negative space. It’s a two player cooperative game where both players must work together and solve spatial puzzles to reunite. I work as one of three designers on the team, which also includes a group of talented programmers and a dedicated artist.

Production on both games will continue into the next semester.

I’m still plugging away at my personal projects, including Glass, as well. I’ve also been dabbling with Degica’s new Visual Novel Maker engine and some new ideas for RPGmaker MV. Glass’ next demo should be up early next year, but here’s some screenshots of the next town in the meantime:

Happy holidays!